Product no.: 7271255

For ESTLCAM 11.2xx

New version R1.20 from 8/2019

The control card has the following connection options:

  • Dir X Y Z (Also several drivers per connection e.g. two motors on Y)
  • Step X Y Z (Also several drivers per connection, e.g. two motors on Y)
  • Frequency converter output 0-10V or 0-5V, adjustable
  • DCM/FOR to switch the frequency inverter
  • PWM output 0-5V
  • Extra output for switching a milling machine via a relay
  • 12V output
  • 6 inputs (switching position can be visualized e.g. with LED)
  • 6 Outputs
  • Feed connection
  • Speed connection
  • One port to perform one hardware rest
  • one input to connect a manual control
  • also supports encoders that require parasitic power. (Switchable)


You can find further information at: ArduinoClub ESTLCAM for Mega 2560

Take a look at the connection diagram:

​3D Data:

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Product no.: 58456568

Flat cable 25pin with tub plug and 25pin SUB D socket approx 35cm

For connection of the Jog Wheel for the ESTLCAM control card AC-CNC2019-1D-Mega-REV1.x

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 pieces Flat cable 25pin with tub plug and 25pin SUB D socket approx 35cm
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Product no.: 8171224

Ideally suited for control systems with Mega 2650

- With Ferrite core
Especially when the USB cable is placed close to a frequency converter or power cables, it is usually necessary that a ferrite core is attached to keep external interference away from the USB cable and thus guarantee an uninterrupted transmission. 

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Product no.: 59554778

AC-feed and speed OverrideBox for ESTLCAM

The box is equipped with two potentiometers to adjust the feed and spindle speed on site at the milling machine.
There are also buttons for program start and stop.

The box is equipped with 3 meter cable.

The box can be used with all control cards sold by us that have an input for feed and speed also older versions (REV3 and 4) with override shield.

By changing a jumper inside the box you can change from PNP to NPN so that the box also works perfectly on your own developments.


Designed as desk housing with rubber feet.

length: 110mm, width: 70mm, height front: 30mm, height rear: 50mm

Front panel: screen printing, UV hardened, extremely abrasion resistant

Scope of delivery:

  • AC-Feed and Speed OverwriteBox, complete with 3 meter connection cable.
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