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AC-feed and speed OverrideBox for ESTLCAM

The box is equipped with two potentiometers to adjust the feed and spindle speed on site at the milling machine.
There are also buttons for program start and stop.

The box is equipped with 3-meter cable.

The box can be used with all control cards sold by us that have an input for feed and speed also older versions (REV3 and 4) with override shield.

By changing a jumper inside the box, you can change from PNP to NPN so that the box also works perfectly on your own developments.


Designed as desk housing with rubber feet.

length: 110mm, width: 70mm, height front: 30mm, height rear: 50mm

Front panel: screen printing, UV hardened, extremely abrasion resistant

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Product no.: 8171220

USB Mini B connector -> USB Type A connector

Ideally suited for control systems with Nano 328p V3 5V

MINI B Male Plug (Printer style connection) A type USB plug Gold plated with gold contacts 24 AWG Copper Cable Shielded Cable Clear Cable

- With Ferrite core
Especially when the USB cable is placed close to a frequency converter or power cables, it is usually necessary that a ferrite core is attached to keep external interference away from the USB cable and thus guarantee an uninterrupted transmission. 

USB v2.0 is a high-speed connection method which is 40 times faster than USB v1.1 (480Mbps as opposed to 12Mbps). It is plug & play and hot swappable (no need to turn off your PC to plug a device in or out). It is faster than Firewire (IEEE1394/iLink) but not as quick as IEEE1394b (800Mbps). This cable carries the Certified USB v2.0 label. USB v2.0 cables will still work with USB v1.1 computers (they are backwardly compatible) and peripherals but only if both Computer and Peripheral are USB v2.0 will they work at High Speed (480Mbps). USB v2.0 peripherals will not work at High Speed (480Mbps) unless they relate to a USB v2.0 cable and connected to a computer equipped with USB v2.0 ports.

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Product no.: 6171220

ESTLCAM 10 and 11.1xx

The control card has the following connection options:

  • Motor driver Step X Y Z also several drivers per output e. g. 2 motors on the Y axis
  • Dir X Y Z also several drivers per output
  • Limit switch X Y Z (front and rear)
  • If the limit switches are wired correctly, ALL limit switches can also be connected to one input, so that there are 4 inputs for free assignment.
  • error input
  • Sensor input (touch plate, length sensor, stylus can be connected in parallel)
  • 5 in ESTLCAM 11 freely adjustable total inputs (E1, E2, E3, SE (E7), FE (E8))
  • Output 1 and 2 (e. g. for suction, cooling water, laser etc.)
  • Output for switching a relay around a milling motor
  • 0-10V / 0-5V Output for frequency inverter (adjustable)
  • DCM / FOR for frequency inverter - adjustable
  • Additional voltage output Output 5V-6,8V, adjustable
  • 12V-24V input
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Product no.: 8171222

USB 2.0 Mini-B/Mini-B, High Speed, housing bushing, 300mm, with fixing screws

Ideally suited for control systems with Nano 328p V3 5V

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