Product no.: 9845586

Push-button with illuminated colour ring, very good protection against splash water and chips due to supplied sealing ring

Material: Metal

Colour ring: plastic, illuminated without resistor 4V to 6V, with resistor up to 48V

Connection key: crimp 2.8mm / or solder

Wiring: Normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) contact, , LED +, LED GND

Diameter: Ø16mm

Maximum housing wall thickness: 13,2mm

Drilling: Ø16,5mm

WEEE Nr.: 62166190
LUCID: 4829264760226
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Product no.: 9658451

AC-CNC2021-Override-PCB für ESTLCAM

For ESTLCAM 11.x and ESTLCAM 12.x

For controlling the feed and spindle speed for spindles with frequency converters.
You have the option of connecting buttons that can be assigned commands as you wish in the ESTLCAM settings.
The potentiometers are mounted with a distance of 50mm.
You can adapt the board to mount them at other distances.
The board can be operated in PNP (switching with voltage) or NPN (switching with GND) mode.

Works with:

Link: ESTLCAM Controller with Mega

Link: ESTLCAM Controller with Nano

WEEE Nr.: 62166190
LUCID: 4829264760226
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