Product no.: 9671220

Component selection to populate the Override Shield board

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 pieces screw terminal 305
  • 2 pieces pin header 15 pin
  • 1 piece socket strip 40 pin
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Product no.: 6171220

For ESTLCAM 10 and 11.1xx

The control card has the following connection options:

  • Motor driver Step X Y Z also several drivers per output e. g. 2 motors on the Y axis
  • Dir X Y Z also several drivers per output
  • Limit switch X Y Z (front and rear)
  • If the limit switches are wired correctly, ALL limit switches can also be connected to one input, so that there are 4 inputs for free assignment.
  • error input
  • Sensor input (touch plate, length sensor, stylus can be connected in parallel)
  • 5 in ESTLCAM 11 freely adjustable total inputs (E1, E2, E3, SE (E7), FE (E8))
  • Output 1 and 2 (e. g. for suction, cooling water, laser etc.)
  • Output for switching a relay around a milling motor
  • 0-10V / 0-5V Output for frequency inverter (adjustable)
  • DCM / FOR for frequency inverter - adjustable
  • Additional voltage output Output 5V-6,8V, adjustable
  • 12V-24V input

Scope of delivery:

  • ESTLCAM Control card AC-CNC2017-2S-REV04

Further information / FAQ / comments and customer pictures can be found at: ArduinoClub ESTLCAM Control Card

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