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ESTLCAM manual control for our ESTLCAM control card with Mega 2560 


  • 6 pieces pushbuttons illuminated

Select current axis X Y or Z, start, and stop spindle, start and stop program, OK (cancel).
Spindle start/stop, and program start/stop light up when the button is pressed.
The buttons for axis selection light up as feedback of the currently selected axis.

  • 2 potentiometers

feed and speed adjustment (for inverter (0-10V, 0-5V or PWM) controlled spindle)

  • 1 piece encoder, smooth click, pitch 100

For precise movement of the axes 

  • 1 piece rotary switch

For preselection of the traverse speed 1-6


The housing is ergonomically formed with a raised structure whose surface is rubberized; it lies well in the hand.

On the back of the housing, an indentation has been integrated with which and the supplied hanger the hand control can be hung on the machine.

The front panel is resistant to oils and alkalis and the UV hardened coating is very scratch resistant.

All knobs are made of aluminum outside inside plastic.

Internally, a professionally created circuit board was installed, which ensures smooth operation and easy installation.

For the sake of the environment, this control was also built in such a way that you can repair everything in the event of a case, alone or with our help,

All components on the board are socketed or at least so big that a human can handle them, no SMD parts.

The connection cable is about 3m (2.92m) long.

The hand control is completely mounted.

Works with:

Link: ESTLCAM Controller with Mega

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